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Salatur Rasool (SM)
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Product Summary
To pay heed to the Hadeeth of prophet (sm) , ‘Say salat as a you see me saying of salat’ (Bukhari) , the learned author decided to compile to book with authentic documents to guide the musallis to the right way of Salat . Valuable reformatory writings in the light of the holy Quran and saheeh hadeethes , which the learned Author has been presenting to the society one by one by his hard perseverance and unflinching labor, this book is one of them.

The unique excellence of this book is to present a massive object in a small extent with authentic proof. We believe that this book will be the beam of light for Allah –fearing Muslims to the salvation in the life hereafter. Objectives of Hadeeth foundation Bangladesh.

* To publish translation & interpretation of the holy Quran & Hadeeth following to the maslak of Muhadditeen.
* To publish books on daily affairs.
* to publish books on the faith & practices and Publish Bangla translation of various essential books of Islam written in foreing languages.

About the Author
Dr. Muhammad Asadullah Al-Ghalib (b. Satkhira ,1948), Is a Bangladeshi professor or Arabic at the university of Rajshahi and a renowned reformist scholar of the country . He is the founder Ameer (Leader) of nation wide Islamic organization Ahle hadeeth Andolon Bangladesh (Estd.1994).
In the field of knowledge. Dr. Ghalib has proved his splendid scholarship . there already have been published as many as 35 valuable books of him till now on different subjects as religion , society, politics and literature . His Ph,d thes is tiled with “Ahle hadeeth movement: origin and development ; with special reference to South Asian region” is resourceful masterpiece of the history of Ahle hadeeth movement through ages; His research articles ,published in different journals and periodicals are more than 30 and some others are awaiting for publication. Along with this , he supervised many academic research works.
He attendant many international seminars and conference as guest speaker in different countries in India , Pakistan , Kuwait, Srilanka, and visited Saudi Arabia and Nepal for study tour on his respective field of resesrch. He has a tremendous contribution in spreading Da wah Salafiyah in Bangladesh from grass root level to a wider perspective of national and international arena.
Dr. Ghalib has founded a research foundation with Darul Ifta and a publishing house named Hadeeh foundation Bangladesh(1992) and a distinguished monthly research journal named At Tahreek(1997).
He has also foundation a number of social welfare organizations as Tawheed trust (Regd) and salafiyah trust (Regd) , Under the supervision of these, more than 10 Islamic centers (with Madrasah, Mosque, Orphanage, charitable hospital etc. have been established in different cities as well as many welfare works incorporated in unprivileged localities and disaster areas throughout the country.

Contents :
* Description of Salat in Short
* Essential Suras
* Information about Salat
* Taharat (Cleanness)
* Azan (Call of Prayer
* Salatur Rasool (SM)
* Different information about Salat
* Identity of different kinds of Salat
* Essential Doas
Title Salatur Rasool (SM)
Author Muhammad Asadullah Al-Galib
Categories Book , Religious Books , Islamic , Prayer and Durud
Country Bangladesh
Language English
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